About me as caretaker

My name is Mathilde Nanninga and I am married to Bert. We live in caretakerEde, together with our dogs Skyfall and Nyika.

We have 4 adult children all married and are the grandparents of 4 boys and 1 girl.


In 1993 we moved to Malawi, Africa with 4 kids under the age of 7. We lived there for 18 years and in 2011 we have returned to the Netherlands.

In Malawi we did homeschooling and I was the teacher of our kids from preschool up to form 2.

Next to the obligatory subjects as maths and Dutch, we did as well sportsactivities and outings. During this period I have gained a lot of experience with the development of activities for the age group of 2 – 10 years.

Back in the Netherlands, I have worked as a trainconductor at NS, the Dutch railwaycompany. That has been a very good time to re-integrate in the Netherlands

“and Now”

it is time for a change. As a caretaker, I would love to use my talents and experiences for the next generation, your children as well as our grandkids.

I am qualified as a caretaker (the Dutch Gastouder), have my first-aid diploma for children as well as adults, and I am registered in the National Childcare register (nr 220005655).
Wiebus Waggel is registered at the Chamber of Commerce as a business.

Apart from my work as caretaker, I like to sew, ride our horse Pepper, and walk with our dogs through the woods opposite our home.

I believe that every child has been uniquely created and thus needs the chance to develop to its full potential.
I would love to contribute to your childs upgrowing into a beautiful human being.

All children are welcome!