Childcare at my home


A major advantage of small-scale childcare is that I can individualize the care of each child according to the parents’ wishes.
As a result, the transition between home and host will be with minimal stress. The days at my house have enough in common that the child feels at ease, which is very important for young children .
As a caretaker I choose to cooperate with the childcare agency CGOB de Herberg amongst others. because I agree with the way they work and where they stand for.

My pedagogic goal  is that:
Children grow up in a save environment where they can develop in their own appropriate way into independent and balanced individuals and in thei way can optinize their potential to the fullest.

Every child has the drive to develop, each at their own pace and manner depending of talents and temperament.

I have divided this goal in 4 segments in order to clarify this:

  1. To offer a safe and stable basis
    feeling safe, protection, love, commitment, structures
  2. To develop the personal skills and talents of the child
    growing up together, fun, friendships, solving conflicts
  3. To live by values and show them to the children
    respect, trust, responsibility, rules and agreements, learn what is acceptable behaviour, play and share together


I have chosen for children from the age of 0-4 years in one group.
This has, in my view, several advantages:
~ Children stay in the same house with the same caretaker until they go to the primary school (stability).
~ The younger children observe and learn from the older children while the older ones learn to take care and take account of the younger ones.

I have overcome the disadvantages that can occur by:
~ Plan activities in such a way that every child receives its necessary rest.
~ Create a restful environment for the babies.
~ Prepare activities in a way that every age-group can participate.
Example: making cookies – the older ones help preparing the dough, the younger ones can make cookies in different forms, and together we eat them.

Healthy and responsible nutrition

  • Directive is the “voedingsschijf van 5”.
  • Parents can convey what they do not want their child to eat or drink
  • Healthy snacks are at fixed times.
  • During lunch we eat bread.

Outdoor play

As soon as the weather is okay we will go outside. We have a big garden with many toys, a sandbox and a water course, The younger ones can lay outside in a sheltered spot or stay inside in de downstairs room.

Survey has shown that playing outdoors has a positive influence on the physical activity of adults and children. This has a preventive effect on the occurrence of overweight and chronic conditions.
Next to this, it has been proven that outdoor play has a positive influence on brain development for young children.

Quality of small scale childcare

I would like to deliver a good quality of childcare.
So I attend refresher courses and I want to learn from other caretakers and parents.

The childcare agencies monitor the quality of my work by:

  • Visits and checks (at least twice a yaer including a risk inventory and an evaluation meeting)
  • Refresher courses (about twice a year including First Aid)
  • Evaluation meetings (with other caretakers and parents)
  • Pedagogical policyplan
  • Personal coaching
  • The childcare agencies make sure that caretakers are fully updated about the latest rules from Government.

Parents can read the reports of the visits on the websites